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GATE General Assembly 2018

After a reception at Interroll on the first day, the Interroll drum motors and the Interroll Academyl have been inspected, followed by a presentation from Dr. Christoph Reinkemeier, member of the board of Interroll.


On the General Assembly on November 23rd new members have been welcomed. Airbus and Telekom joined GATE alliance in 2018. The office of GATE reported from the activities of the past year. Furthermore a new management board has been elected. Long-time president Dieter A. Heinz resigned from the board and was succeeded by Kay Bärenfänger. Treasurer Ernst August Gohde was confirmed in office. To the new extended board belong also Christoph Oftring as vice president technique, Jan Reh as vice president innovation and Patricia Vasconcelos, vice president GSE. Dieter A. Heinz was appointed honorary president.

Decisions for next year’s activities and participations on international events have been discussed and decided. Contact GATE for more information.

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6 Nov. 2018Gate Future Berlin
22 - 23 Nov. 2018GATE General Assembly at Interroll, Hückelhoven
10 Jan. 2019Arbeitskreis "Marketing", Hamburg
27 Feb. - 1 Mar. 2019inter airport south east asia, Singapore
26 - 28 Mar. 2019Passenger Terminal Expo, London
29 Apr. - 1 May 2019Airport Show Dubai