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Technik Team Vornheder GmbH

Technik Team Vornheder GmbH

Steinfeldstr. 7 32549 Bad Oeynhausen

The Technik Team Vornheder GmbH provides vendingmachines with FLIGHT-BAGs at airports. The so-called FLIGHT-BAG ziplock bags contained in these machines are packed in a handy box. The bags comply with the general safety regulations. The vendingmachines have many advantages. For example the security staff no longer needs to deliver the bags. The passenger has not to leave the security area to buy a bag from outside and the disposal costs of the left behind liquids can be reduced. The operation of the machines is very simple. By throwing in €1, a box is ejected. The machines are also ready for use 24/7. They save space because they only require 1m² and can be set up battery-powered without external power supply. The company offers an all-round service for the maintenance and assembly of the machines. They provide also a comprehensive service and then a conversion is profitable even in small quantities.

Fields of activity: Material HandlingTerminal

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