Gate Alliance


Since 1992 GATE has been the German umbrella association for prime airport suppliers. GATE is the number-one-contact and broker worldwide for solving infrastructural tasks in the airport sector.

The continuously increasing complexity of logistical challenges, such as information logistics, goods logistics, passenger handling and ground support together with the task of linking them into integrated airport technology, calls for expertise, both today and in the future, that extends far beyond the skills of a single system supplier.

GATE bundles this knowledge by uniting German top software, systems and equipment suppliers and their core skills into one strategic alliance.


Kay Baerenfaenger


Ernst-August Gohde


Christoph Oftring

Speaker of the working group Baggage Handling

Jan Reh

Vice President Innovation

Patricia Vasconcelos

Vice President Ramp

Dieter A. Heinz

Honorary President


Jens Reinhard

Managing Director

Miriam Schönrock

Management assistant

Working groups

Stephan Poser

Speaker of the Digitization working group

Jörg Ruhnau

Speaker of the working group Artificial Intelligence

Monika Witt

Speaker of the Security working group

Shanti Normann

Speaker of the working group Ramp

Metin Mirza

Speaker of the working Group Sustainability

Jens Reinhard

Speaker of the working group Marketing

Christoph Oftring

Speaker of the working group Baggage Handling


30 March - 02 April 2020Passenger Terminal Expo Paris
22 June - 24 June 2020Airport Show Dubai 
02 September - 04 September 2020inter airport China, Peking
September 2020GATE Future, Berlin
06 November 2020