GATE grows - Vanderlande is our new member

Vanderlande, the world's leading general contractor for warehouse process automation solutions, became a member of the GATE association this month.


GATE is looking forward to the professional dialogue with the global market leader for value-optimized automation of logistics processes at airports. Vanderlande can meet all airport requirements, from baggage handling and passenger security checks to onward transportation, storage, sorting, flight handling and baggage reclaim.


"We also look forward to the future exchange of experience with the other member companies regarding trends but also current topics at airports. In addition, we believe that only a strong community of interests can develop the industry in the right direction. Through the association's work, we hope to expand our network, stabilize our business and be involved in current developments at an early stage so that we can continue to offer our customers innovative solutions in the future," explains Thomas Gebbert, Sales Manager Airports at Vanderlande.

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