The Digitalization Working Groups is a dynamic and focused effort dedicated to promoting and implementing digital practices in aviation. Our goal is to establish a platform for the intensive exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, steering the aviation industry towards a more technologically advanced, efficient, and interconnected future.


We bring together professionals from different fields, including digital experts, aviation technologists, data scientists, researchers, and business leaders. This diversity of perspectives enables us to develop holistic digital strategies, leveraging technology to address the complex challenges of modernizing and enhancing the aviation sector.

Lead: Telekom



Next Meeting: Q2 2024






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Topics/ Focus:


Aspects of digitization 

The aspects of digitization encompass a wide range of technological applications, including data integration, automation, and connectivity, revolutionizing traditional processes in the aviation industry.


Digital Twin

The concept of a Digital Twin involves creating a virtual replica of physical assets or systems within an airport, providing real-time insights and enhancing operational efficiency through advanced monitoring and analysis.


Linking different airport areas 

Linking different airport areas through digital connectivity enables seamless communication and coordination between terminals, runways, and ground support operations, optimizing overall airport performance.


Intelligent passenger journey

The intelligent passenger journey leverages digital solutions to enhance the traveler experience, from check-in to boarding, by integrating smart technologies such as biometrics, mobile applications, and automated processes for a smoother and more efficient airport experience.

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