Expert Groups

Promote exchange, identify trends, get inspired

The dynamic development of the airport world requires us to keep up to date, follow the current discourse and deal with new trends and standards.


To discuss important industry topics and share experiences, GATE has established numerous expert groups in which members can engage and inform themselves.


The expert groups serve to bring together the extensive knowledge of our member companies and support each other with their respective expertise. 


The meetings of the expert groups are usually held three times a year. Participation is open to all members at any time. The technical leadership is the responsibility of the member companies, while the GATE team is responsible for the organization.


Of course, we are also interested in the expertise of companies that are not active in the association. Therefore, we regularly invite keynote speakers to the meetings to enrich us with their input.  


The schedule:

After an introduction, there are one or two keynote speeches by member companies, experts, airports, institutes, etc., followed by an exchange. After a wrap-up of the meeting, participants will still have the opportunity to network.


We look forward to a lively discussion and the development of exciting visions!



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GATE Icon – Autonomous apron

Autonomous apron

From Baggage handling, docking of passenger boarding bridges to operating of passenger buses, tanker and snow removal  vehicles - Autonomous driving will gain importance in every area of the airport. This expert group is developing concepts for the standard use of autonomous vehicles.


Kevin Fischer

GATE icon – Sustainability


The participants in this expert  group discuss and examine solutions to make airports more energy-efficient and thus more sustainable.


Miriam Schönrock

GATE icon – Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence

Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence

To operate an airport IT systems, computer centres and global networking for data exchange with all parties involved in air
traffic are indispensable. In which areas can AI optimize processes at airports? For instance automatic baggage recognition became possible through the use of neural networks and high-resolution camera images. Potentially disruptive potentials for change in cloud computing, data analytics and information pooling etc. are discussed in this expert group.


Jan Reh

GATE icon – Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communication

Conception and planning of internal and external association communication:
exhibitions, congresses, events, PR, social media, online, print.


Jens Reinhard

GATE icon – Safety and security

Safety and security

Ensuring the security of passengers and airport visitors in a consistent and sustainable manner has become a primary objective at airports in recent years. The participants in this expert group deal with forward-looking concepts that guarantee the safety of people and infrastructure.

GATE icon – Baggage Handling

Baggage Handling

What will check-in look like in the future? How will baggage be recorded and
tracked? How do baggage handling
systems work more efficiently? These
questions and others will be discussed
in this expert group.


Christoph Oftring

GATE icon – Marketing and Communication




Jens Reinhard

GATE icon – Safety and security




Johannes Sittig

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