Fields of activity

Gate members operating worldwide

Our members are active in all areas of the airport supply industry. This diversity distinguishes and enables us to think and develop products and services across all areas.

Baggage and cargo handling

As logistics hubs for luggage and cargo, airports face constantly growing performance demands.


GATE member companies offer world-leading technology for all processes in baggage handling and cargo management, from specialized components to highly complex system solutions.

Construction & Design

For modern airports, expertise in ramp, runway and construction are essential.


GATE members offer the ideal solutions for all challenges in these areas, from aircraft access to cleaning, catering, loading and fuelling, to technical systems for inspection and maintenance.


Our aviation consulting services revolve around airport development and the planning of navigation and air traffic management systems.


Innovation management and digitalization are topics of special focus for our member companies.


Globalization, technological progress and increasing mobility are driving growth in passenger and cargo traffic and generating an increasing flow of information.


In order to meet these challenges GATE member companies are developing intelligent data management systems for airport management and process improvement.


The terminal building is the heart of an airport, with ticket counters, check-in and a multitude of services. At many airports the terminal has become a huge shopping and service centre, where passengers are also customers who appreciate exclusive outfitting and modern design.


GATE member companies provide the technologies, furnishings, ceiling, floor and wall systems that help passengers enjoy their stay from arrival to departure.

Apron & GSE

What happens on the ramp has an immediate effect on passenger, baggage and aircraft processing. Flights can only leave on time when everything runs smoothly and efficiently, so all activities and movements on the ramp need to be closely coordinated.


GATE member companies are directly involved, either by providing equipment, vehicles and personnel, or in a consulting capacity.

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