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The Ground Support Equipment Working Group Initiative is a dynamic and targeted effort committed to advancing and implementing eco-friendly practices in the aviation industry. Our objective is to establish a platform for the extensive exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, guiding the aviation sector towards a more environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and economically sustainable trajectory.


We unite professionals from various domains, such as GSE specialists, environmental advocates, engineers, researchers, and industry leaders. This diverse array of perspectives empowers us to formulate comprehensive strategies in addressing the intricate challenges of sustainability in ground support equipment operations.




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Inventory plays a crucial role by not only revealing the current state of airport infrastructure but also laying the foundation for the integration of new technologies. Systematically cataloging existing resources allows for the identification of targeted electrification measures, enabling an efficient transition to sustainable operational practices.


Technologies for GSE - H2/ electric/ conventional 

The selection and implementation of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) technologies are central to airport electrification. Integrating hydrogen, electric, and conventional GSE technologies offers diverse possibilities to reduce environmental impact while enhancing ground efficiency. This versatile approach allows airports to choose tailored solutions that align with their individual needs and environmental goals.


Automation of apron operation 

The automation of apron operations is a significant step towards efficiency and sustainability. By implementing advanced automated processes on the apron, airports can optimize their operations, minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. This promotes a more precise and efficient handling of ground processes, contributing to an overall more sustainable aviation infrastructure.


Linking different components

Linking different components is crucial to ensure seamless integration of electrification technologies at the airport. Well-coordinated connections between charging systems, GSE technologies, and automated apron operations create synergies that lead to optimized overall performance. This integrated approach allows for effective resource utilization, contributing to a comprehensive, sustainable transformation of airport infrastructure.

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