10 November 2020
With more than 750 business analysts and software engineers, INFORM serves over 1,000 customers in more than 40 countries around the globe. Applications include supply chain management, logistics, production, workforce management, fraud prevention and business intelligence. The GroundStar software solution is specially tailored to the needs of airports, airlines and handling companies with flexible systems. Now INFORM is also strengthening the GATE association with software solutions for...

13 October 2020
Since 2017 HiSERV changes the GSE market by outstanding quality, high flexibility and a transparent pricing system. The company offers GSE on the basis of a pay-per-use concept in order to be able to present customers with a fair solution even in difficult situations. "HiSERV's basic idea is to work together in partnership - we react to the needs of our customers as partners on equal terms. This form of cooperation is also emphasized in the GATE association. We therefore feel that we are in...

23 September 2020
Vanderlande, the world's leading general contractor for warehouse process automation solutions, became a member of the GATE association this month. GATE is looking forward to the professional dialogue with the global market leader for value-optimized automation of logistics processes at airports. Vanderlande can meet all airport requirements, from baggage handling and passenger security checks to onward transportation, storage, sorting, flight handling and baggage reclaim. "We also look forward...

21 September 2020
A ray of hope for aviation: After months of uncertainty, the German airport industry is now looking forward to corona aid. Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer announced that an air traffic summit would adopt a concept for the 22 airports in Germany. The aid package primarily provides for support for regional airports. As a partner association of the ADV and the IDRF, we have long been aware of the need for such an initiative. The intensive exchange with the regional and commercial airports...
10 September 2020
For the third innovation forum GATE FUTURE the association had invited to Berlin, in order to face the current crisis and to prove that the industry has not lost innovation strength despite COVID-19. The premises of the Humboldt Carré were occupied almost to the last place. The prospect of the first personal exchange in a large circle not only attracted the member companies to Berlin, but also led the German regional and commercial airports to the capital. The goal of the 3rd GATE FUTURE was...

09 September 2020
Auftakt des GATE FUTURE Events in Berlin: Kay Bärenfänger, Präsident von GATE, Ralph Beisel, Hauptgeschäftsführer der ADV, und GATE-Geschäftsführer Jens Reinhard eröffnen das Innovationsforum der Luftfahrt-Branche.

Cooperations · 17 January 2020
As fast as possible, Airports have to become more and more sustainable to reach carbon neutrality. Happy to discuss with Marie Carru what solutions our associations PROAVIA and GATE can provide now and develop in the near future. #sustainability #co2reduction

Working groups · 14 January 2020
What a start. With 28 persons the GATE working group "Autonomous Apron" was well attended. Extremely interesting to learn about the projects around autonomous driving our GATE member companies are working on. Many thanks also to Jan Reh for allowing us to use the ZAL and for the look behind the scenes. Hashtag#innoairport

InnoAirport · 16 December 2019
We are happy to have signed a cooperation agreement with Rostock Airport. With InnoAirport GATE now offers its members a platform to develop, test and present new technologies. We are looking forward to exciting, highly innovative projects.

14 November 2019
Welcome to GATE: Our new members at the general assembly in Salzburg, hosted by Motion06: AbfallHai Deutschland GmbH/ Anta Swiss ADLATUS Robotics GmbH AIRGLASS GmbH Alfons Köster & Co. GmbH AMOVA GMBH Blumenbecker Technik GmbH Cognitec Systems GmbH Gorgy Timing GmbH Faun Expotec GmbH PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products NKM Noell Special Cranes GmbH Øveraasen Deutschland GmbH Technik Team Vornheder GmbH

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