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The Passenger Experience Working Group is a dynamic and targeted effort committed to advancing and implementing passenger-centric practices in aviation. Our objective is to establish a platform for the intensive exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, guiding the aviation sector towards a more passenger-friendly, socially enriching, and economically sustainable direction.


We unite professionals from various domains, such as passenger experience specialists, customer service experts, designers, researchers, and business leaders. This diverse array of perspectives empowers us to formulate comprehensive strategies in addressing the intricate challenges of enhancing the passenger journey in aviation.


Sittig Technologies, Johannes Sittig (Business Development Manager)

Lost and Found, Markus Schaarschmidt

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Passenger Journey - then, now and in the future 

Examining the passenger journey across time reveals a remarkable evolution from traditional processes to modern, streamlined experiences, and our focus is on shaping a future where advanced technologies and personalized services redefine the entire travel experience.


Future technologies 

Future technologies in the aviation industry encompass a spectrum of innovations, including artificial intelligence, biometrics, and augmented reality, promising to revolutionize passenger interactions, enhance security, and provide unprecedented levels of convenience.


Linking the different passenger areas 

Connecting various passenger areas within the airport seamlessly is pivotal for creating a cohesive travel experience, ensuring efficient transitions between check-in, security, boarding, and other crucial stages of the journey.


Increasing the feel-good factor at the airport

Enhancing the feel-good factor at the airport involves implementing initiatives that prioritize passenger comfort, entertainment, and well-being, creating an environment where travelers not only transit efficiently but also enjoy a positive and stress-free experience.


Digital passenger journey

The digital passenger journey integrates cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to optimize and personalize every stage of travel, from online booking to mobile check-in, providing passengers with a digitally enhanced and seamless airport experience.

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