GATE Delegation Trips

Well prepared for new markets

Exploring new markets on your own can be arduous and sobering. Especially getting a first insight into them can take a lot of time and effort. For this reason, the GATE alliance would like to support and facilitate access to new markets with delegation trips to different regions of the world. Thereby we always orientate ourselves on the growth potential and current developments. GATE delegation trips are organized in a highly professional manner and aim to create the best contacts in the markets visited. The expertise of the local chambers of commerce is also utilized. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our next market exploration trips. 

Learn everything about market & country on site

Get ready for promising foreign markets with GATE's entrepreneurial trips. We tailor our trips exactly to the needs of our members.

Our organized program includes on-site visits to companies, associations, ministries, organizations or trade fairs. This gives you an insight into the environment and conditions of your target market. In cooperation with qualified local partners such as embassies and chambers of commerce abroad (AHK), we also offer you the opportunity to establish contacts with potential business partners.

Benefit from professional meetings and visits

  • Get familiar with the German representations and decision-making government offices in your target country
  • Gain insight into airports, companies and authorities in your industry through on-site visits
  • Take the opportunity to establish contacts with high-ranking representatives from politics and business in your target market 

Our current delegation trips

You are looking to new markets and search for new partners around the globe?

Please contact:

Kevin Fischer

Head of Innovation

+49.174.697 21 01