Meeting for the GATE InnoAirport project – Future Area

Airport-Display Ledi® TIMER

As a specialist in time technology and information displays, Gorgy Timing is a competent partner for worldwide projects in various airports.


With the Airport-Display Ledi® TIMER, we optimize the processes during the turn around of an aircraft, in which we visually represent the most important information for pilots, aircraft attendants and ground personnel. This system is SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) compliant, is operated with existing FIDS (Flight information display system) software and has a secure NTP (Network Time Protocol) synchronization.

Airport Display - LEDI-TIMER
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Cloud based Automatic Announcements

Passenger announcements from the Cloud!


With the support of the Distr@l funding program of the State of Hesse, the company Sittig is now developing its announcement system into a digitalized and cloud-based solution - the "PAXGuide Cloud" system. In future, automatic announcements will be streamed from the Sittig Cloud to airports worldwide. Interfaces to other systems such as camera systems or public address systems will ensure maximum automation. Another special feature of the "PAXGuide Cloud" is the modular software architecture. It allows customers to easily and individually adapt the system to their own requirements according to the modular principle. "PAXGuide Cloud" thus offers maximum flexibility and significantly reduces the expenditure for on-site IT infrastructures.



A first prototype of the system will be put into operation and tested at the InnoAirport Rostock-Laage. With the further development to the "PAXGuide Cloud" the company Sittig wants to make its system accessible for automatic announcements especially to small and medium-sized airports, station networks and industrial sites worldwide. "PAXGuide Cloud" as a modern cloud solution heralds a new era in passenger and employee information.

 Meeting for the GATE InnoAirport project – Future Area

 Meeting for the GATE InnoAirport project – Future Area

Baggage Items on a Journey

From Water to Air with PSI


The special challenge at InnoAirport Rostock-Laage, Germany, is that many passengers do not check in their baggage items at the airport but at the cruise terminal instead. Nevertheless, it should be ensured that the location of the suitcases can be tracked at all times. The Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) of PSI Logistics GmbH ensures IATA-compliant tracking of baggage items at various international airports in Europe and is therefore an ideal tool to master the challenge in Rostock.


This means that both the software, the core of the product, is installed and the necessary server, a control center workstation, a touch workstation and a follow-up check are provided. PSI also equips the ground staff in Rostock with necessary handsets. Suitcases are registered by BRS directly at the cruise terminal in the port, tracked at the airport and the loading onboard of an aircraft is documented by the software. The handsets belonging to the system offer the possibility to take photos at any time, for example to use them for unloading orders or to record defective baggage items. BRS is extended by surveillance camera systems (CCTV). This technology offers additional security through state-of-the-art visual tracking of baggage and its documentation from check-in via conveyors to the discharge onto the sorting carousel – without the usual barcode reading. The equipment is rounded off by the PSI software for the flight information system (FIDS). On the loading carousel next to the delivered display, the necessary information on the person processing the flight and the baggage items to be loaded is displayed to the ground staff, thus optimizing the baggage processing time.



InnoAirport Rostock-Laage by PSI is equipped by PSI with the support of ICO Innovative Computer GmbH, Frings Building Solutions GmbH and Frings Informatic Solutions GmbH.