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As GATE we work and feel at home worldwide, but we still need a place to put our desks. We’ve chosen Hamburg as that place. What made us decide on Hamburg was its great importance in the industry, as the world’s number three and Germany’s number one centre for the civilian aviation industry. Aircraft development, construction and maintenance, and airport operations are all represented here. Direct communication between companies and our association is possible at any time.


Our headquarters is as open as our industry. In our modern co-working office close to the Alster lake in the heart of the city, we can work flexibly and hold small coordination discussions or big meetings at any time. The association office is your point of contact for all membership questions and any project you wish to pursue together with GATE.

Your contact persons for questions:

Jens Reinhard Managing Director

Jens Reinhard
Managing Director

+49.40.64 79 74 03

+49.176.64 95 86 32

Miriam Schönrock  Manager Marketing, Events, PR

Miriam Schönrock

Head of Marketing

+49.174.176 52 62

Kevin Fischer Program-Manager InnoAirport

Kevin Fischer
Head of Innovation

+49.174.697 21 01

Kevin Fischer Program-Manager InnoAirport

Diana Haagen

Project Manager

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