Achieving more together with Bonos - motivation platform from Lindner start-up


The year is still young and the good intentions are still fresh. What's more, GATE knows of an innovative instrument for employee motivation that is easy to use and also strengthens sustainable action in the company. It is a software called BONOS and sees itself as a motivational platform with which employees and employers can achieve more together. And this platform has already become firmly established in the company of one GATE member. 


At the Lindner Group in Arnstorf, there has been a new currency for a few years that is directly linked to this software system. First, the new means of payment was called LinCoins, but now it is possible to pay with Bonos at local partners in the neighbourhood of the construction specialist for interior fittings, facades and insulation technology. And Bonos are available for everyone who does good.


Time and again, human resources managers exchanged ideas for staff motivation in discussions. As a family business that is particularly concerned about the well-being of its employees, Lindner even made the topic a matter for the boss. The chairwoman of the board of directors, Veronika Lindner, developed the idea of Bonos and the associated motivation platform together with the company's own digitalisation department. In the meantime, this project has even given rise to its own start-up: GmbH. 


Managing Director Matthias Jakisch and Product Owner Florian Sager probably know the new company currency best of all. It is important for them to emphasise that employees are neither controlled by the Bonos platform nor are existing benefits taken away. Participation is not compulsory. Everything remains the same, only the bonuses are added on top. Thanks to the professionalisation of the system, there is now an extensive catalogue of "actions" that earn employees bonuses.


Actions are activities, events or even goals that employees carry out in addition to their regular activities that are not covered by their employment contract. As a reward for completing the actions, the employee receives the defined Bonos amount. For example, a sustainable business trip or a service to a colleague can be a rewarding action. Of course, appreciation is also given for a brilliant idea that moves the company forward. Explained simply: with Bonos, the workforce is credited with points whenever an employee is socially committed or has distinguished themselves through environmentally friendly behaviour. The standard actions are all stored on the platform and are registered automatically. In special cases, consultation with the manager is sometimes necessary. Also not entirely unimportant: the gamification approach. It should work in a playful way and be fun to use the platform. Win-win for everyone. 


And of course, all this is not only possible in Arnstorf, but also in any other company. According to the principle: motivate, reward, retain. And earn a little extra tax-free. And so that it is also clear what is worth the effort, the employer must first define attractive benefits. 


Thanks to the easy-to-use and highly individual platform, local benefit providers can be integrated quickly and easily. It doesn't matter if it's the flower shop around the corner or the favourite restaurant on the way home. In principle, the bonos can be used for shopping vouchers of all kinds. Those who, just like Lindner, own their own brewery or even run their own organic farm can naturally have the Bonos exchanged for the finest gourmet and food products from their own company. It is clear, however, that the exchange deal does not ignore German tax law and ensures that the purchase values remain within the legal framework. However, by intelligently linking tax modules, Bonos can save both the employer and the employee SV as well as wage tax. 


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