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In order to continue the dialog about the current challenges of aviation, GATE invited leading representatives and experts of the industry to a new online talk. With the first edition of "GATE FUTURE digital", the association continued the successful events of the last years and promoted the exchange between airports, aircraft manufacturers, industry and politics. More than 120 participants followed the discussion at Webex. GATE welcomed them and a high-caliber panel, who were also greeted with a recorded speech by Steffen Bilger, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. In it, the PSts emphasized that the industry was hit very early and particularly hard by the pandemic, and that both the federal and state governments are taking measures to support it. GATE FUTURE digital is a positive signal and it is time to face the challenges of the future together, Bilger said. Afterwards, moderator Miriam Schönrock asked the guests to look back on the last few months and formulate a statement on the topic of the talks, "Resilience of Airports." Ralph Beisel, CEO of the German Airports Association (ADV), summarized the situation of commercial airports in Germany and made his appeal to politicians. Stability of aviation security charges and long-term support were absolutely necessary in the still critical situation, he said. Christian Kunsch, Managing Director of Hamburg Airport, explained the cost-cutting measures the airport has had to take to date. However, he also mentioned that the crisis has also driven process optimization and digitalization. Christoph de Vries, Member of the German Parliament CDU/CSU with the constituency Hamburg-Mitte confirmed that his party will continue to promote the aviation industry and wants to strengthen the confidence of passengers again. Stefan Römelt, Senior Vice President & Head of Cabin & Cargo Engineering at Airbus, also gave an overview of the hygiene concepts of the "Keep Trust in Air Travel" program, which ensures passenger safety. Michael Schneider, Executive Vice President of GATE member Siemens Logistics, explained the solutions the industry can use to respond to the pandemic and strengthen the resilience of airports. Miriam Schönrock thanked the guests for their contributions and turned the floor over to Jan Reh, who in the meantime had collected questions from the chat and addressed them to the panel. 


GATE thanked all listeners and discussion guests and announced that the next topic to be discussed online will be "Sustainability". The date will be announced here.

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