GORGY TIMING installs LEDI® Timer at GATE InnoAirport


GORGY TIMING, a major international player in time distribution and time synchronization based in France, completes the installation of the LEDI® Timer at GATE InnoAirport in Rostock-Laage. This project will allow to test and present the innovative airport display in a real-life environment.

GORGY TIMING has been member of GATE since 2019 and is proud to be part of the InnoAirport. The company will now optimize, test and present the LEDI® Timer in Rostock-Laage.

LEDI® Timer allows to optimize the processes during the turnaround of an aircraft, by visually representing the most important information for pilots, aircraft attendants and ground personnel. This system is SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) compliant, is operated with existing FIDS (Flight information display system) software and has a secure NTP (Network Time Protocol) synchronization. The digital displays are installed in front of aircraft to provide real time flight number, target departure time and countdown till departure. 

The InnoAirport opens great prospects for the GORGY TIMING’s business development. “We are happy to work closely with the InnoAirport and GATE Alliance and we hope to build up synergies between strategic German airports to implement our solution”, comments Nicolas GORGY, General Director of GORGY TIMING. 

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