Gunnebo networks with GATE alliance

As the world's leading specialist in access control, Gunnebo Deutschland supports airports in increasing airport and passenger security and now also supports GATE's Security Working Group. The expert for flight security airlocks is one of the newest GATE members and is already actively involved in the association's work.

"In fact, we first became aware of GATE through the Security Working Group, as it deals with topics that are very relevant to us," reports Mathias Lauterbach, Business Development Manager at Gunnebo. The access systems for the passenger and staff areas optimally complement the portfolio of the Security Working Group. Gunnebo's vision is to develop new regulations together with GATE and also to create greater awareness for the topic of biometrics.


Equally important for the new member is to intensify networking and to make the company better known in Germany.  Gunnebo's e-gates already optimise the boarding process at more than 120 airports worldwide; in Germany, the access controls have so far been installed at the airports in Hamburg, Nuremberg, Munich and Dortmund. Thus, Gunnebo is also considering using the GATE InnoAiport in Rostock-Laage to present the e-GATE product range.

"In addition to the working group and InnoAirport, GATE's trade fair activities are also interesting for us," adds Mathias Lauterbach.


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