Visit to the Siemens Logistics test centre

Siemens Logistics is represented at airports worldwide in the areas of baggage and cargo handling with state-of-the-art sorting and conveyor technology as well as innovative digital solutions. Before the products and solutions for automated baggage handling go into operation, they are tested in the company's own test centre at the Nuremberg site. There, GATE member Siemens Logistics has created an opportunity to test new developments in an ideal laboratory environment.


In order to now discuss the joint opportunities at InnoAirport - a real environment - the first talks have taken place between GATE, Siemens Logistics and Rostock-Laage Airport. "At the Nuremberg site, we develop forward-looking innovations for the airport world. Of course we are interested in testing these in real operations," explained Gunter Ehm, Airport Sales at Siemens Logistics.


Various options for cooperation are currently being examined. "Digitalisation, including data collection and analysis, is important in all areas of the airport, including around a baggage conveyor system. We want to think about solutions together here," indicated GATE project manager Kevin Fischer. 


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