New member activelaw.Offenhausen.Wolter PartmbB: Legal specialists enrich GATE with expertise

With the law firm activelaw.Offenhausen.Wolter PartmbB joining the association, a completely new interface opens up for both the new member and GATE. Although the firm, which has over 35 lawyers and is based in Hanover, is a recognized expert in the field of aviation, it has so far been active primarily in the area of decentralized aviation (business aviation and suppliers). As one of only a few law firms in Germany, activelaw.Offenhausen.Wolter PartmbB offers comprehensive expertise for this industry. "We have created our own niche in particular by advising and supporting the transaction of aircraft and advising aircraft shipyards," reveals specialist lawyer and notary Richard Prechtel, who specialized in aviation law at an early stage. "My first experience in this field was in the legal department of Airbus - the manufacturing industry has always appealed to me. In this respect, I am pleased to meet so many manufacturers from the airport environment at GATE," he comments. The legal specialists already work closely with the German Business Aviation Association (GBAA) and are now eager to meet the challenges at GATE and the airport supply industry. "We are not only interested in networking within the association, but also in collaborating on new topics. For example, we are planning to launch the Legal Working Group," reveals Richard Prechtel.


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