New member since 2021: Hog Technologies

Hog Technologies, a global leader in high-pressure and water removal systems, offers customers more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing solutions for the aviation and highway industries. In the airport industry, the company is known for removing rubber pavement on runways and paint markings throughout the airport area. It also offers a wide range of marking machines. Hog Technologies is headquartered in the U.S., with European headquarters in the Czech Republic. There is a branch office in Dubai - and that's where Gerd Heinrich, Director of Sales Europe & Middle East, had the conversation that sealed membership in the GATE association. 


"I had been aware of the association for a long time and joining was long overdue. At the Airport Show, I met GATE Managing Director Jens Reinhard at the German Pavilion and he told me about all the current activities. That was the deciding factor," recalls Gerd Heinrich. For Hog Technologies, membership signifies another important step towards Europe, which is a significant growth market for the company. "The airport business in this country is an exciting task, but positive signals can be passed on quickly and easily through networking in the association," notes Heinrich. Hog Technologies has already used inter airport Europe to exchange ideas with partners and customers and will also be involved in the marketing working group in the future. 

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