Sittig installs "PAXGuide Cloud" automatic announcement system

Passenger announcements from the cloud at GATE InnoAirport

With InnoAirport, GATE, the association of the airport supply industry, offers member companies a platform for testing forward-looking and sustainable technologies in real airport operations. Sittig, the German market leader for automatic announcement systems, is taking advantage of this opportunity and revolutionizing the future of passenger announcements at Rostock-Laage Airport. "PAXGuide Cloud" from Sittig enables international passenger addressing - streamed from the Frankfurt-based company's cloud.


Member companies of the GATE association are testing new products and technologies in real-life operations as part of the InnoAirport innovation platform at Rostock-Laage Airport. With the new installation of the "PAXGuide Cloud" automated announcement system, Sittig, the German market leader for automated announcement systems, is testing the further development of the prototype in the cloud and is also increasing efficiency and at the same time customer comfort at the regional airport - from entering the terminal to boarding the aircraft. After all, automated announcements over the public address systems are a key aspect in the optimal routing of passengers. Reason enough for the state of Hesse to support the Frankfurt-based company Sittig as part of the "distr@l" digitalization initiative.


Existing solutions often have the problem that they require very complex IT infrastructures on site. For smaller and medium-sized airports, the acquisition and maintenance costs for such a system are too high. However, thanks to the modular software architecture of the "PAXGuide Cloud", it is possible to effortlessly adapt the system to the individual needs of the airport according to the building-block principle. The PAXGuide Cloud thus offers maximum flexibility and significantly reduces the costs of on-site IT infrastructures. For airport groups and airlines, the use of announcement systems was often not possible on a group-wide basis. However, with "PAXGuide Cloud", they can host the system in the cloud and roll it out to multiple airports in a scalable and efficient manner. "In a way, PAXGuide Cloud heralds a new era in passenger and employee information," summarizes Johannes Sittig, Business Development Manager at Sittig. 


After installation by Sittig's team of experts at InnoAirport Rostock-Laage, passengers will benefit directly from the new cloud solution. International cruise passengers can thus be addressed directly in their national language - a win-win for guests and for the airport. 


"Sittig's project is an example of how our members are also at the forefront of digitization. The commissioning of the "PAXGuide Cloud" is also another step for Rostock-Laage Airport on the road to digital transformation," comments Kevin Fischer, Innovation Manager at GATE.



As part of the GATE InnoAirport at Rostock-Laage Airport, Sittig Technolo-gies installed the automatic announcement system "PAXGuide Cloud", which will henceforth be used in real operations.


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