New GATE member: How to make “Lost & Found” sexy


Everyone loses something once in a while, not infrequently also at the airport. But how quickly is it usually found again? Using the software of the new GATE member "Lost & Found" increases the chances of success. The start-up with the digital lost & found office has been simplifying the management and handling of lost property and related customer inquiries since 2015.


It not only reunites travelers with their lost belongings, it also helps airports keep track of what’s being left behind. And since “Lost & Found” would be accessible to all airport staff, it would make the complex process of returning lost items to their owners much more efficient.


35 airports worldwide already have access to the digitized lost & found processes, but CEO Markus Schaarschmidt is far from satisfied.


In the U.S., he happened to meet Johannes Sittig, Vice President Terminal at GATE, and quickly identified potential synergies. "Our focus is on the software and IT logistics side of the equation. When it comes to an overall holistic approach to solving the Lost and Found issue, synergies that complement our product with manpower and infrastructure of the likes GATE provides are an excellent partner. Especially in regards to major tenders, the networking effect of a cooperative presentation can't be underestimated." he comments. The computer scientist and travel industry expert has already placed his "niche product" at Schiphol, Denver and Seattle, for example.


Incidentally, "Lost & Found" counts not only airports among its customers, but also public transport or hotels. "Our vision is to become the digital lost and found office for the entire Rhine-Main region. We pursue a holistic approach, want to find intersections, connect new systems," says the CEO.


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