GATE FUTURE 2023: The Aviation Industry is a Team Sport!

GATE, the association of the airport industry, had invited to the innovation forum GATE FUTURE in Berlin for the fourth time. The aim of the event on 30 March 2023 at the Hotel Steigenberger am Kanzleramt was for representatives of German commercial and regional airports and their suppliers to exchange views on future trends and current challenges.


The complexity of the aviation and airport industry challenges GATE and its members every day. At GATE FUTURE we tackled the most urgent tasks together with our guests. Ten workshops, two panel discussions and two keynotes were dedicated to many key aspects: climate-neutral flying, sustainable fuels, intermodal travel, biometrics, energy efficiency, passenger convenience, artificial intelligence, automation, baggage handling.


After the opening of GATE FUTURE by President Kay Bärenfänger, the association first welcomed Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport Oliver Luksic on stage, who gave insights into the current measures and plans of the Federal Government.


Afterwards, Nicole Dreyer-Langlet, Vice President Research & Technology at Airbus, shared the vision of the future of flying of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer and presented the underlying hydrogen concepts ZeroE and the infrastructure. 


Hydrogen also played an elementary role in the panel discussion "Sustainability". Adrian Herberger, Airbus, Julian Klaaßen, Hamburg Airport, Kirsten Schümer, Renewable Hamburg, Patricia Vasconocelos, Cobus Industries, Hans Bernd Aringhoff, Lufthansa Technik, and Marc Siegel, Sasol ecoFT, spoke about the production, transport, storage and use of alternative fuels. 


The electric drive solution of the air taxi manufacturer Lilium was introduced by Dr. Saskia Horsch, Head of Global Regulatory and Public Affairs, in her keynote and presented the milestones of the vertical take-off.


The participants of the panel "Intermodality" also ventured a look into the future of travel. Wolfgang Scheibenpflug, Vienna Airport, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Friedel, Lübeck Airport, Sebastian Rieckesmann, Deutsche Bahn and Felix Breitstadt, MOIA, discussed seamless mobility chains and improving passenger satisfaction.


The 120 participants of GATE FUTURE were able to work on many issues together and develop new ideas. The message of the event: the aviation industry is a team sport!


After the official part, a hydrogen bus, sponsored by Caetano-Bus, shuttled the guests to the KINK restaurant for the After Show, where conversations were deepened and business cards exchanged.


We would like to thank all participants for the valuable impulses, exciting insights and the committed interaction and are already looking forward to the 5th edition of GATE FUTURE.


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