Back on Board: Smets Technology - Interview with Sascha Smets


SMETS Technology GmbH, based near Berlin, builds individual high-performance trucks for professional surface treatment using high-pressure water. Sascha Smets has been a member of the management board for a year and reveals in an interview how he plans to position the company within GATE.


Why has SMETS Technology become a GATE member?


As one of the leading manufacturers of runway rubber removal, demarking and asphalt surface roughening equipment, we are constantly looking for new partnerships and collaborations to share our expertise in the industry and expand our network. GATE offers us the opportunity to be part of a strong and innovative network of companies that is helping to shape the future of our aviation industry. We look forward to continuing to work with other GATE members to find solutions to challenges facing the entire industry. In addition, GATE gives us the opportunity to be present at countless airline industry events (such as interairport in Munich or the Dubai Airport Show) in a cost-efficient way and to strengthen our brand.


In what manner will SMETS Technology be participating in the association?


We are very committed and have already used our membership to participate in various GATE events and share our experience and knowledge with other members. For example, we recently sponsored  GATE FUTURE!  We also want to contribute our expertise to expert groups and projects to help develop best practices and innovative solutions that will benefit the industry.


Which contacts/ project ideas came out of GATE FUTURE?


We made many valuable contacts at GATE FUTURE and it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with other members. We got to know many potential partners with whom we would like to work together in the future. In addition, we have received many new ideas for projects in which we can participate. One example is the development of sustainable methods to ensure a safe runway, such as implementing an electric traction drive for our OSC- and CSR-models.


Where does SMETS Technology position itself in the airport of the future? How is your company preparing for the challenges of the future?


We are committed to innovative solutions and technologies to make airport operations more efficient and sustainable. As we have developed our technology, we have always strived to have as little impact on the environment as possible in the manufacture and application of our products. Our products are therefore specifically designed to avoid chemicals, protect soil from harmful substances and restore friction and durability to surfaces, while using as little water as possible. This is how we have managed to ensure that our products have the lowest water consumption per processed m² of any rubber removal and demarking system in the world. In addition, together with our partners, we have developed unique nozzles with an exceptionally long service life. This is one of the reasons how we keep the maintenance and spare parts costs of our equipment as low as possible for our customers. In the airport of the future, we see ourselves as a professional partner for CO2-free equipment for rubber removal, demarking and friction value measurement.


How are innovation and sustainability lived in your company?


Innovation and sustainability are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We are committed to continuously improving our equipment and technologies in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. As a company that works with water, we feel responsible for protecting this natural resource. In the medium term, we want to recycle every single drop of water consumed during the operation of our systems. The good thing about this idea is that it benefits both the environment and our customers, as they can work longer without having to refill fresh water. However, we operate under ultra-high pressure conditions that result in high water temperatures (around 70 degrees). An incorrect recycling system can damage the ultra-high pressure pump. We therefore work with renowned partners in the water treatment industry to reduce water consumption and create a sustainable water cycle.


But we also define sustainability with the longevity of our products. Our history also shows this. We delivered the first ARC 1000 for rubber removal as prototypes to Hanoi and Jakarta airports in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Both vehicles are still in use at these airports! In addition, there are countless other examples, such as the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, which uses the MRT 300/2, delivered to them in 2009, for road demarking every day. We do not see sustainability as an empty slogan in a marketing campaign. We live and understand it as part of our DNA, which is reflected in the longevity of our products.


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