New at GATE: BELTCON, specialist for conveyor technology

GATE is pleased to announce a new member from Northern Germany. BELTCON, a manufacturer of conveyor systems, is located in the Heide region and supplies the whole world with baggage carousels, weighing & dispatch conveyors, straight belt conveyors and control panels. "Together with our partner company TRAMAK, which is also a GATE member, we offer airports complete solutions for their intralogistics," says Managing Director Muhammad Adeel. The company specializes in customized products. For example, BELTCON recently developed a specially shaped carousel for Red Sea International Airport , Saudi Arabia. In order to present these tailor-made solutions to an international audience, the company from Schneverdingen, Germany, decided to become a member of GATE. "We are looking forward to presenting our portfolio at trade fairs worldwide together with GATE and sharing our expertise with the members," explains Adeel. The GATE network can particularly benefit from the strong connections in Saudi Arabia. "Not only do we have excellent business relationships in the Kingdom, but we also manufacture locally" added Adeel. For production, BELTCON has developed a forward-looking CAD/CAM-based manufacturing strategy. Products are designed and simulated in software based on customer requirements and then transferred directly to a CAM-based manufacturing process. This increases the efficiency of the production system and reduces lead times. Sustainability also plays an important role and the company uses many recyclable materials.


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