GATE member AAT offers innovative automation solutions for airports

Airport automation, especially in the field of baggage management, will play a decisive role in the future. It enables faster passenger processing, reduces waiting times and minimises errors. 

AAT Automation, one of the newest GATE members, has specialised in exactly this segment. AAT's expertise lies in the development, implementation and maintenance of state-of-the-art baggage loading and unloading systems using intelligent robotics.


"But if our innovative technologies are to be established, this requires a change in the existing processes at the airports. And that's exactly what we want to use the GATE association for. GATE focuses on the further development of airports and offers us an ideal platform for exchange," Roman Kaiser comments on the decision to become a member. 


The company has already presented itself at a GATE joint booth, most recently at the inter airport Europe in Munich, and has been able to establish numerous new business contacts. AAT Automation focuses in particular on dialogue with airports and airport system integrators in order to jointly develop visions that meet the current and future requirements of air traffic.


"We want to automate processes that have not yet been automated," is how Roman Kaiser formulates AAT Automation's corporate goal. He knows that there is an extreme need to catch up in the area of baggage handling. The experts for mobile robotics from Karlsruhe have an eye on which manual activities could have been automated long ago.


"When we develop solutions for the future, we naturally make sure that their use is designed for the long term and ensures economical, superior operation," emphasises the managing director.

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