HeatVentors - innovative start-up joining GATE 

Using organic materials to store thermal energy - that is the mission of the Hungarian start-up HeatVentors, one of GATE's newest member companies. 


Founded in Budapest, Hungary, in 2021, HeatVentors is now also active in Germany to reduce CO2 emissions and promote renewable energies with sustainable energy storage solutions. 


Christoph Thomas joined the start-up in spring 2023 and has been focusing on the airport business ever since. "The vision is for every airport in Germany to save around 20% CO2 with the support of HeatVentors," comments Christoph Thomas.

Together with GATE, he wants to achieve this goal and use the association's network to publicize the innovative technology.


"At inter airport Europe in Munich in October, I had the opportunity to get to know the association better and exchange ideas with members. I was particularly impressed by how open the other companies were to dialog," recalls Christoph Thomas. He also made his first contacts with airports at the trade fair.


However, it is not only the industry trade fairs at which GATE is represented that will offer HeatVentors a platform. GATE's working groups are just as interesting. Christoph Thomas would like to contribute his expertise in the area of sustainability.


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