Alfons Köster: the logistics partner for GATE members

The Alfons Köster Group, founded in Hamburg in 1929, is an international freight forwarding company that has developed over the years into an important logistics partner for the airport business.

"It started out as a niche business with long-standing customers such as Trepel and later Cobus, to name just a few of our GATE members, so we were able to keep expanding the business and broaden our expertise," reports Susanne Frank, Sales Executive at Alfons Köster. The forwarding company's portfolio includes the entire spectrum of logistics: from procurement logistics, factory supply, customs clearance, shipping documentation and consulting through to transport to the end customer.


With his expertise in loading airport equipment, Alfons Köster has become an important member of the GATE network who is pleased to share his experience and contacts. Vehicles with e-drives are always a challenge in shipping that needs to be solved, partly because the shipping companies are not yet prepared for the transport volumes. This is where Alfons Köster utilises his network and long-standing contacts with shipping companies. "We know exactly what we have to consider when loading, where the lashing points are, for example, or how we can load self-propelled despite low ground clearance - our customers benefit from this knowledge," explains Susanne Frank. Another advantage is time and cost savings through route optimisation or volume bundling. "Thanks to our experience, we often manage to load more appliances on a lorry or in a container than the competition," reveals the expert. Of course, this also plays into the aspect of sustainability.


"However, it is fundamentally a challenge to get customers interested in alternative drive systems for transport, as these are associated with higher costs. As a logistics service provider, we are the last link in the chain and find it difficult to sell sustainable, cost-intensive solutions," comments Susanne Frank. As a GATE member, Alfons Köster is always happy to discuss green alternatives. The company is represented at many GATE trade fairs and networking events and is always open to dialogue.


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Managing Director Heinz Losert and Sales Executive International Susanne Frank 

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