GATE FUTURE 2024: We are ready for new technologies


Hydrogen, digital twins, automated baggage logistics, artificial intelligence, smart charging infrastructure, advanced air mobility, electromobility and sustainability - these were the topics of the future at GATE FUTURE 2024 in Berlin


The 5th edition of the innovation conference brought together representatives from airports to develop new ideas and visions together. After GATE President Kay Bärenfänger opened the event, Parliamentary State Secretary Oliver Luksic delivered a political greeting from the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport.


In her keynote speech, Dr. Isabell Claus, Managing Director of the AI platform, presented the extent to which the new technologies have already established themselves in the industry.

In the "Automation" panel discussion, the participants also worked out that most of the solutions are already available, but are often still waiting to be used in baggage logistics or on the apron. In ten workshops, the guests at GATE FUTURE had the opportunity to talk about the future topics of the industry in a deep dive.


The panel discussion on digitalization focused on specific applications. The focus here was on the passenger journey and seamless travel in particular. Claus Grunow, Vice President Corporate Strategy & Digitalization, revealed how Fraport is positioning itself for the future in his presentation. For him, the key factors are collaboration, mindset and the customer.


With the commitment and energy that GATE experienced at the conference, we are ideally positioned for the future of the passenger journey.


Thank you very much for the exciting impulses, critical questions and the honest exchange between airports, science, politics and our members.


GATE is looking forward to continuing the discussions soon and preparing a solid runway for our shared visions. 

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