Welcome to GATE - LiDAR specialist Outsight

Outsight envisions itself as an integral part of the airport of the future, leveraging its global leadership in LiDAR-based solutions to enhance airport operations. The company improves terminal and curbside operations, enhance the passenger experience through advanced people flow monitoring, bolster security and safety measures, and optimize non-aeronautical revenues. Outsight’s innovative technology enables new capabilities and higher performance levels, playing a critical role in the evolution of airport infrastructure and services.


As a new GATE member, Outsight is keen to raise awareness of its technology and its benefits, identifying the association as the ideal platform to contribute to industry advancement. A leading innovator in its field, Outsight has filed over 70 patents and won more than 40 international awards, and is excited to share its roadmap with other GATE members and collaborate on joint initiatives. With increasing traffic and a challenging global situation, Outsight believes advanced people flow monitoring solutions are more necessary than ever.


“We hope to help other companies take advantage of our cutting-edge people counting and vehicle tracking technology, the third technology generation following older WiFi (1st generation) and second-generation camera-based solutions,” says Raul Bravo, President and Founder of Outsight.


The company is recognized not only for its innovation but also for its sustainability efforts. It focuses on reducing environmental impact through waste reduction, energy conservation, and eco-friendly office practices. Outsight partners with Greenly to assess carbon emissions using the Bilan Carbone® methodology. 


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