Landside and Airside on the move worldwide - our new member Expresso

From Kassel to the world and to the GATE association. Hundreds of thousands of EXPRESSO baggage carts are in use at airports around the world. Products from the family-owned company in northern Hesse roll through terminals in Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Auckland and Singapore, for example. The products withstand high demands and stresses both landside and airside - regardless of whether they have to cope with the harsh winters in Scandinavia or the dry heat in Dubai. In order to convince even more international airports of the quality of EXPRESSO products, the company has decided to join GATE and benefit from the association's global network.


"We started 70 years ago with the production of hand trucks. Today, we have six business units - including the "Travel" division, which we want to strengthen with our membership," explains Karsten Grötecke, Business Unit Director. "We rely on the exchange with other members and look forward to learning about new projects and driving innovation together," adds Project Manager Michaela Ludwig. For this reason, the new member  plans to participate in many GATE  activities. The joint exhibition appearances, such as the booth at Passenger Terminal Expo 2025 in Madrid, are also of great interest to the baggage trolley manufacturer.


"We also want to participate in the working groups and collaborate with other companies to develop smart solutions for passengers and airports. We live innovation in our company, love out-of-the-box thinking and rely on IoT in development," says Karsten Grötecke.


Of course, EXPRESSO does not only focus on innovation in production, but also in sustainability. "Our baggage carts typically have a lifespan of 30 years. As a result, our business is also very much a repair and spare parts business," he explains. Although aluminum products are energy-intensive to manufacture, the material is also extremely durable. All production takes place in Germany with local suppliers."This allows us to convince ourselves of the quality of our products on site," says Michaela Ludwig.


EXPRESSO Travel Team: Karsten Grötecke, Michaela Ludwig, Jens-Uwe Schneider, Uwe Vellmer, Christina Hasse

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