The Electrification Working Group is a proactive and specialized initiative committed to advancing the adoption of electrification practices at airports. Our primary objective is to establish a collaborative platform for the in-depth sharing of ideas, expertise, and resources, aiming to propel the aviation industry towards a more electrified, eco-friendly, and economically viable future.


By assembling a team of experts spanning various disciplines such as electrical engineering, environmental science, aviation operations, and technology, we foster a collaborative environment that facilitates comprehensive strategies for the successful integration of electrification technologies at airports. This diverse range of perspectives ensures a well-rounded and effective approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges associated with airport electrification.

Lead: Dynell, Michael Brandstötter

               E.ON Drive, Michael Schumacher


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Basics for electrification at airports

The basics for electrification at airports include a comprehensive analysis of the existing infrastructure to develop optimal solutions for the integration of electric systems. This includes evaluating energy sources, storage options and charging infrastructure needs to ensure an efficient transition.



Inventory plays a key role by providing a detailed inventory of current equipment and technologies. This forms the basis for identifying electrification opportunities and helps to develop customized strategies for the introduction of sustainable technologies.


Equipment options at airports

The selection of equipment options at airports is critical to the success of electrification efforts. By evaluating low-emission and electric-powered equipment, airports can not only reduce their environmental impact, but also improve the efficiency of their operations.


Public and non-public charging 

Providing public and non-public charging options is critical to meeting the needs of both airport vehicles and passengers. A balanced infrastructure promotes electrification throughout the airport while enabling the integration of electric vehicles into public transportation.


Intelligent utilization 

The intelligent utilization of electrification technologies requires careful planning and management. By implementing smart grid technologies, airports can optimize their electricity usage and minimize peak loads while increasing the overall efficiency of their systems.


Combination with renewable energies

Combining electrification with renewable energies is a key element for a sustainable future of aviation. The integration of solar and wind energy into the electrification system not only reduces the environmental impact, but also contributes to the creation of an emission-free infrastructure.

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