The AUWEKO GmbH specializes in high-quality stainless steel waste bins for public spaces. We closely collaborate with airports and experts in waste management, logistics and fire safety, amongst others, to develop and design solutions for every area within the airport. From parking lots to entrance areas, from hand luggage checks to lounges as well as food courts, check-in and outdoor areas, we offer tailored solutions for all airports and public areas.


Starting the business in 1993 we are proud to be one of the world leading sources for high quality waste- and recycling bins today. Our range now includes a large variety of products, such as elegant and fireproof recycling bins, pedestal ashtrays, and special containers for liquid waste as well as Vigipirate security measures.


We gladly assist airport operators in meeting and advancing all requirements for efficient handling, safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


Dornhofstraße 34

63236 Neu-Isenburg