DIMOS Maschinenbau GmbH

At DIMOS, we prioritize customization and collaboration to provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable, and safe material handling equipment available on the market. Our core products for the Air Cargo sector include the DIMOS X-Way Mover, Pallet Mover (with and without integrated weighing scales), and Intrac, the AGV for ULD handling. Besides supplying our own vehicles and products, we act as system integrator for all needs within a Cargo Terminal including castor decks, elevating workstations, ULD racking systems, ETVs and much more. As a trusted partner for over 30 years, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire life span of our customer´s logistics systems. From concept development over realization to after-sales services, including operator training and maintenance, DIMOS is your reliable partner at every stage of the process.

DIMOS Maschinenbau GmbH

Gewerbegebiet Petersberg Ost

Billerer Straße 1

36100 Petersberg

Fields of activity: Material Handling