Flexco Europe GmbH

Flexco is the leading international specialist for mechanical conveyor belt fastener systems, Segmented Transfer Plates, and many other products for conveyor belt systems. The ANKER® Spiral Lace Fastener System provides a simple way of joining two belt ends and is ideal for applications with metal detectors – making them absolutely perfect for airport use. Segmented Transfer Plates from Flexco create safe transitions at the transition points from belt to belt, from belt to chute, or from belt to structure. The plates can help prevent product loss, increase operator safety, and reduce pinch hazards at the transfer point, preventing potential damage to the product as well as the belt and conveyor structure. Flexco Europe GmbH is the German subsidiary of Flexco, and is headquartered in Rosenfeld, where the company currently has about 80 employees. For more information, see: www.flexco.com

Flexco Europe  GmbH

Maybachstr. 9

72348 Rosenfeld

Fields of activity: Material Handling