HOG Technologies

Hog Technologies is the world's leading supplier of high-pressure water removal systems with 30+ years history in manufacturing solutions for the aviation and road industries. Headquarters are located in the United States, branches in the Czech Republic and Dubai. Solutions include the Stripe Hog to remove pavement markings and rubber deposits from runways. The Stripe Hog is operating in 56+ countries around the world. The water blasting equipment is complimented by the Surface HOG, which has a lower water pressure for cleaning and rejuvenating pavement. HOG Technologies manufactures the Thermo Hog for thermoplastic marking application, the Paint Hog for cold paint and Thermoplastic pre-melters. The Rumble Hog and Grinder Hog are equipment for grinding, grooving, and cutting rumble strips, and can perform any cut desired. HOG Technologies supports its customers by initial and continuing education and training. International customer support and parts are shipped and handled from the European headquarters.

HOG technologies

European Office: Vavreckova 7074

Zlin, 760 01

Czech Republic

Fields of activity: GSE & Construction, Ramp