Scientifically-proven lighting technology to reduce jet lag and enhance passenger well-being. 


The hamburg-based company jetlite developed a lighting technology that supports our inner (biological) clock in its natural function and brings it back into sync. Thereby, it reduces (social) jet lag and increases the passengers well-being. Considering parameters, such as location, flight routes, time zones, and flying times, it steers an aircraft’s cabin lighting in the most efficient way and brings passenger well-being into focus. To accompany the passenger during their whole journey, jetlite also recommends to integrate the lighting technology in airport lounges and terminals. The technology is scientifically-proven and based on findings in human centric lighting and chronobiology. Among others, Lufthansa and Finnair already operate jetlite technology on board of their aircraft to take their passenger experience to the next level. And even on ground, well-known companies such as Porsche, Audi, and Lanserhof use the technology.


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Fields of activity: GSE & Construction