tl traffic-lines GmbH

The patented technology used in the traffic-lines high-pressure water blasting system effectively removes rubber abrasion. Working width is over 3.10 m and also available in 4.20 m. Particularly effective, gentle on surfaces and makes an efficient use of resources. The jet water and the particles of loosened rubber are sucked up in one single step. The runway can be operational immediately after the abrasion removal process has been completed.

One vehicle, two suction hoods with annular gap suction - in terms of efficiency and performance over large areas, traffic-lines is setting new standards. Cleaning time are substantially reduced which therefore reduces the amount of time that the runway cannot be used for flight operations.

A particularly gentle cleaning process using flat-jet nozzles which dose not cause any damage to surfaces and joints. Surface markings remain in tact and damage to runway lighting and their numbering is avoided.

tl traffic-lines GmbH

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