Via Guide GmbH

Via Guide transforms the passenger journey through digitalisation and automation. Passengers are dynamically guided within queues and to service points, improving throughput, efficiency and the overall passenger experience, transforming queuing from a necessary inconvenience into a finely tuned logistical process.


The unique Smart Gates change the queue layout based on real-time passenger flow ("as short as possible, as long as necessary"). The automated Smart Call system with digital signage, also triggered by real-time data, seamlessly optimises passenger flow.

In addition to its digital solutions, Via Guide is the leading manufacturer of belt posts and partitions in European airports. During the last 20 years, Via Guide has set new quality standards for passenger flow systems. Products are carefully sourced in Europe and manufactured with precision in Germany, ensuring quick innovation and high quality.

Via Guide GmbH

Roenkhauser Str 9

59759 Arnsberg

Fields of activity: Consulting, Terminal