GATE FUTURE - Analog platform for visionary ideas

For the third innovation forum GATE FUTURE the association had invited to Berlin, in order to face the current crisis and to prove that the industry has not lost innovation strength despite COVID-19. The premises of the Humboldt Carré were occupied almost to the last place. The prospect of the first personal exchange in a large circle not only attracted the member companies to Berlin, but also led the German regional and commercial airports to the capital.


The goal of the 3rd GATE FUTURE was to give more attention to areas such as sustainability, artificial intelligence or new technologies. While passenger safety has become more and more important due to the Corona crisis, innovative projects often remained untouched. 


In order to rekindle the innovative power of the industry, GATE brought the industry and airports together in six workshops with the support of the partner associations ADV and IDRF. Despite strict hygiene measures, it was possible to conduct intensive dialogues on the topics of baggage handling, security checkpoints, autonomous apron, the use of neural networks and the implementation of the Green Deal. Not only the member companies of GATE and the representatives of the airports exchanged their opinions and ideas, but also politics opened new perspectives at GATE FUTURE. In his speech, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Steffen Bilger outlined the future of aviation and turned his attention especially to the topic of sustainability.

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