Materna joins “Inno Airport” environment at Rostock Laage Airport

GATE in cooperation with Rostock-Laage Airport have established InnoAirport, a platform where enterprises can conceptualize, optimize, test and present their products and services in a real-life environment.

In that regard Materna IPS will install four Pax.Go kiosks used to check-in passengers and print their bag tags, and two self bag drop solutions together with the hands-free Flex.Beam solution for bag tag reading and luggage classification software. That will allow passengers at Rostock Airport an enhanced travel experience.

Materna IPS has been an active GATE member for many years, the association understands itself as an idea-giver for global air travel and innovation driver for airport operations This project allows Materna to be part of a great innovation project in the German market and thus work together closely both with Rostock airport and the GATE alliance.


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