Power of TLD for the apron and GATE

With our new member TLD Europe, GATE gets even more power for the Ground Support Equipment / Ground Support Equipment (GSE) sector. For over 60 years, the industry group has been exclusively dedicated to the design, manufacture, global distribution and after-sales support of ground support equipment for ground handlers and airports around the world. TLD offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, reliable and easy-to-maintain GSE, - ranging from conveyors, passenger stairs and baggage/cargo tugs to air conditioning units, air starts, GPUs, transporters, aerial lifts and aircraft tugs (bar tugs as well as bar-less tugs) in all size classes. 


But it is not only the quality and reliability of the products that distinguishes TLD. The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of GSE, which are making aviation cleaner and "greener" with new electric drive concepts and innovative developments - a concern that is also a high priority at GATE. "We want to work with the association to get more climate-neutral solutions for airports off the ground," explains Kurt Wehner, Area Sales Manager at TLD. But there are more commonalities that tipped the scales in favor of joining the association. "Of course, we are also interested in exchanging ideas and developing and expanding innovations for more efficient processes," adds Kurt Wehner. TLD will also use the networking in the association to expand contacts and create new partnerships. 


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