Technical Inspection Agency TÜV SÜD strengthens GATE

Since 2023, an even stronger wind has been blowing in aviation at TÜV SÜDDr Johannes Bußmann has been the new Chairman of the Executive Board since 1 January - he previously held this position at Lufthansa Technik AG. "The change in management is not the only reason for our increased involvement in the aviation industry," says Shinda Dass, Key Account Manager at TÜV SÜD. The new member company of GATE has recently gained several well-known customers from the aviation industry. Among other things, the company puts aviation components through their paces for them to ensure they hold up in different environments.


"We joined the association to be able to network even better in this area. And that worked out right at the first event, GATE FUTURE," says Dass. The Key Account Manager took away many impulses from the presentations at the innovation conference and remembers above all the positive atmosphere at the event.For example, TÜV SÜD plans to get involved in GATE FUTURE 2024 itself and work on a topic relevant to the industry in a workshop. 


"We see ourselves primarily in the role of contributing our expertise to the topic of hydrogen as the perfect complement for aviation. We sensitise employees from the aviation industry by means of in-house training on the safe handling of hydrogen at various levels, and also offer workshops to find customised solutions for the companies," says Dass. 

In addition, the portfolio of the new member includes expert and testing services for the safety, efficiency and sustainability of aircraft and plants, infrastructure facilities and buildings - as well as certifications, audits, risk analyses and component testing.  A particular advantage for clients from the aviation industry is that TÜV SÜD, with our 26,000 employees, operates and is represented globally. 


GATE is pleased to benefit from this expertise and welcomes the testing organisation to the association.

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