GATE, Grimm & great hosts

This year, our general assembly led us to the documenta city Kassel, where our member HÜBNER Group is based. On the first day, we learned more about the long-established company and the folding canopies of the "rubber specialist" from Uwe Bittroff, Managing Director for the Mobility Road division. During the guided tours that followed, we also learned about the Photonics division.

In the evening, we met in the GRIMMWELT Kassel GGmbH, where the tour guides told us with great dedication how the German dictionary and the fairy tales of the two brothers came about. Actress Andrea C. Ortolano brought the stories to life with her performance at dinner and was delighted to have three excellent players at her side: our President Kay Baerenfaenger, Christian Tischler and Tobias Haardt. 


The official part of the event took place on the second day. GATE Managing Director Jens Reinhard led through the agenda and was also pleased to put three personnel decisions to the vote. Today, the members attending the meeting unanimously decided that Joerg G. Westhus will become the new Vice President Digitalization and Sidy Diop the new Vice President Business Development at GATE. Gustavo Fabrino will be the new cash auditor and succeed Stefan Huke, who retired this year. Other topics discussed awere, among others, trade exhibitions, working groups and delegation trips.


We would like to thank our member company Hübner, especially Thomas Mrzyk and Dirk-W. Keßler, for their hospitality and perfect organization. 


The GATE Annual General Meeting 2023 will definitely be remembered! 


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