New member AUWEKO combines high-quality design, durability and user convenience

GATE new member AUWEKO has been developing recycling collection systems for indoor and outdoor use for over 30 years. The products from the Neu-Isenburg-based company are primarily deployed in highly frequented public areas.

"Our waste and recycling bins can be found at almost all German railway stations, but of course we are also present at airports," explains Wolfgang Beron, Sales Director at AUWEKO. 


250 airports worldwide, such as London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol, Hamad and Chicago O'Hare International Airport, recognise the discreet but elegant design of the recycling bins. "In the terminal, you mainly see our classic waste separators. Our aim is for our products to also fit into a very design-oriented interior architecture," emphasises Beron.


The close cooperation with partners and architects, with whom Auweko collaborates to realise interior concepts and is also present at trade fairs, shows that the company attaches great importance to the design aspect. "We already have a well-functioning network thanks to this joint work, but we are looking forward to making many new contacts through our membership of GATE," comments the AUWEKO Sales Director.


However, the new member company is not only ahead in terms of design, but is of course also a leading player in recycling. AUWEKO mostly uses recycled stainless steel for production in its own factory in order to minimise resource impact. "We invest a lot in production, less in marketing," summarises Beron. Other aspects in development and production are, of course, durability, safety in terms of fire protection and handling, for example for cleaning staff.

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