MODI Vision: New member forms the association's biometric task force

For more than 20 years, MODI Vision has already been an outstanding presence in the field of traceability within the electronic industry. Through the implementation of technically innovative solutions, MODI enables comprehensive traceability of all production processes. The company's biometric face recognition solutions started 15 years ago and have been the basis for a paperless airport in reality, eliminating for example the need for boarding passes and ID cards. 


"Today, we are present on four continents with our trace and ID solutions", says the Managing Director Dieter Klawunder.


Since 2024, MODI Vision has been a member of GATE and now forms the Association's biometric taskforce.

“We first made contact with the association at the GATE joint booth at the Saudi Airport Exhibition. We immediately realized that the constellation of members could advance our business,' recalls the Managing Director.


Even before joining GATE, the medium-sized company was already working in partnership with several members. “We started out as a small business, but we got involved with biometrics at a very early stage. That's why Siemens, for example, used our outstanding camera technology for their first ABC gate project," reports Dieter Klawunder. GATE member Materna also uses MODI identification and equips touchpoints such as their automated baggage drop off kiosks with MODI Vision technology. Dieter Klawunder and his team know that strong cooperation is the basis for new ideas.


That is why he and his team are particularly keen to get involved in the GATE working groups. “We see ourselves as a driving force for the passenger experience. We are committed to enabling smart travel for passengers and will contribute our expertise in biometrics," says Sven Klawunder, CCO at MODI Vision. “It is also important for the company to position itself and promote the use of AI. Digitalization offers incredible opportunities. Together with the GATE members, we want to address policymakers and send a clear message,' he adds.


Sven Klawunder and Dieter Klawunder 

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