Drive and automation solutions for the airport industry


We know how streamlined and precise the processes in the airport industry are. Whether you think of baggage transport, sorting, or distribution, time is always the crucial factor. Thanks to reliable, tried and tested solutions from our modular system of drive and automation technology, we ensure that you can improve your profitability, reduce your carbon footprint, increase your flexibility, and reduce your ground times – in every single process in airport logistics.


As an experienced partner, we support you with our global network in over 50 countries in both the planning and the implementation of your baggage or cargo handling. Our drive technology plays a vital role every day in ensuring smooth transport and logistics processes at a host of international airports such as Frankfurt, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Sydney. SEW-EURODRIVE has been a trendsetter in drive and automation technology for over 90 years and is therefore a synonym for quality "made in Germany".




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Our drive and automation solutions for the airport industry